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Mercedes-Benz Stadium will serve as COVID-19 vaccination center

The Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta will serve as a COVID-19 vaccination center. The venue announces partnership with local health authorities.

The story of the Mercedes-Benz F 100 research vehicle

Mercedes-Benz revealed the F 100 in 1991. 30 years ago it was a research vehicle that came with an ample collection of pioneering systems.

What thinks Gorden Wagener about Mercedes EQS’s Hyperscreen: Bigger the better!

In a virtual meeting with reporters, Mercedes’ chief designer Gorden Wagener explained from where the idea for the Hyperscreen screen came from, informs the website.

Roger Federer reveals what matters for him in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class ad

Roger Federer reveals what really matters for him in the latest Mercedes-Benz ad. The sportsman is thus promoting the new S-Class saloon.

Mercedes-Benz 2020 sales: The Stuttgart based carmaker remains the number one luxury brand in the world

With 2,164,187 units sold in 2020 (-7.5%) Mercedes-Benz remains the best-selling premium brand in the world.

Toto Wolff signs 3-year deal with Mercedes and INEOS becomes the third equal shareholder

Toto Wolff signs a 3-year deal with Mercedes. Furthermore, INEOS becomes the third equal shareholder, together with Daimler and the Austrian investor.

The Mercedes-Benz driving simulator has been in service for ten years

The Mercedes-Benz driving simulator has been in service for ten years. A decade ago it began operating in the company’s Technology Center in Sindelfingen.

Why Mick Schumacher will not get to drive a Mercedes in Formula One in the near future

Why isn’t Mick Schumacher driving a Mercedes in Formula 1? That is the question that racing fans cannot find an answer for.

Mercedes 190 E with V12 engine? Yes, you can buy it

You need a certain amount of madness to mount a V12 engine from the Mercedes 600 SEL W140 in a Mercedes 190 E. But the Dutchman Johan Muter has succeeded and is now selling his dream for 69,000 euros.

Mercedes will produce 8 Mercedes EQ models in 6 plants on 3 continents

Mercedes has officially announced that it will produce Mercedes EQ models in all its main plants. Six models will be launched in 2021: EQA, EQB, EQS, EQE plus SUV versions of EQE and EQS.

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