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Mercedes-AMG Petronas has just made the announcement. What is happening with Lewis Hamilton?

Mercedes-AMG Petronas has just made the announcement. Lewis Hamilton has tested positive for COVID-19. The driver will miss the next race in Bahrein.

Lewis Hamilton wins in Bahrein after Romain Grojean’s horror crash

Lewis Hamilton wins in Bahrein after Romain Grojean’s horror crash. The Mercedes-AMG Petronas driver is already the World Championship winner.

Mercedes-Benz trademarks EQE 43, EQE 53, EQE 63. There will be electric AMGs

Mercedes-Benz trademarked several AMG EQ designations. The premium car company thus confirms that there will be electric AMGs.

Mercedes EQA and EQB in the final test phase

Mercedes EQA and EQB were supposed to show up in the fall of this year but the coronavirus epidemic delayed Mercedes’ plans a bit. However, the two electric compact SUVs are in the final testing phase at the Immendingen test center.

Carlex Design redesigns the Mercedes-Benz X-Class. Again

The Mercedes-Benz X-Class vanished without a trace from the portofolio of the premium car maker. But tuning specialists still have a weakness for the pick-up truck. This is how Carlex Designs redesigned it. Again.

Mercedes R-Class revival as electric SUV coupe Mercedes-AMG GLR with over 1,000 HP

Mercedes plans to revitalize the R-Class crossover in the form of an electric coupe SUV under the umbrella of the AMG division, informs the British magazine Car. It could be called Mercedes-AMG GLR and could have over 1000 HP being planned for 2025.

The Mercedes-EQC 4×4² shows off with its off-road capabilities

Whoever said that electric cars are incapable to manage in the off-road must have never heard about the Mercedes-EQC 4×4². The motorized project makes its debut off the tarmac in a video posted by the car maker on its YouTube channel.

Fake Mercedes-AMG G63 4×4 Squared fights the real deal

Fake Mercedes-AMG G63 4×42 meets its idol in a strange encounter. It is actually a G-wannabe. Under the yellow mask, there hides a Suzuki Jimny.

The new Mercedes-Maybach S-Class – Official data and photos

With a wheelbase extended by 180 millimeters, compared to the long-wheelbase S-Class version, with a two-tone paint scheme, Executive Seats and Chauffeur package as standard, the new Mercedes-Maybach S-Class will be available before the end of this year.

Mercedes-Maybach confirmed for reveal. When will we see it?

The Mercedes-Maybach has been confirmed for the official reveal on the 19th of November during a special live-streamed event.

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