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Perth's ATE Brake Centre

When a brake repair becomes necessary many vehicle owners look for cheaper alternatives, but be careful! An apparent bargain could turn out to be a safety risk somewhere down the line. If low-quality replacement parts are installed or important steps are left out during the repair, the joy of saving some money will be short lived.

We at The Star Shop recommend that if you want to save money, do it properly. For example, we offer high-quality ATE brake servicing for Mercedes Benz vehicles. We are able to test brake systems quickly and accurately using equipment that is specially designed for brake maintenance. If required, we can also offer repair solutions, which take the value of the vehicle into account – naturally without compromising on safety.


Clean rims, better appearance

The low-dust operation of the new ATE Ceramic brake pads ensures that valuable rims retain an attractive appearance for longer. Compared with conventional brake pads, the rims have to be cleaned much less frequently. This saves time and lowers consumption of expensive, environmentally harmful wheel cleaning agents and valuable drinking water.


Less wear, lower costs

Extensive comparison tests under tough everyday operating conditions have shown that ATE Ceramic brake pads are much less susceptible to wear than standard brake pads. They also significantly extend the service life of the brake discs.


Less noise, more comfort

The innovative brake pad compound in ATE Ceramic brake pads reduces noise development during braking. Annoying humming, creaking and squealing is effectively suppressed. This significantly improves braking comfort. Furthermore, ATE Ceramic brake pads prevent brake disc erosion. This puts a stop to brake judder and the associated steering flutter.

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