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Exclusively Mercedes Benz


The Star Shop is a licensed and registered workshop in Osborne Park, specialising exclusively in Mercedes Benz vehicles. Established in 1998, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond customer expectations. We offer an extensive range of services including quality repairs, pre-purchase vehicle inspections and sale or acquisition of used vehicles.

All of our staff are qualified and trained Mercedes Benz technicians, experienced in both vintage and current model Mercedes vehicles. We follow Mercedes manufacturer specification to ensure your new car warranty is not compromised.

The Star Shop provides a personalised quality service – without the dealership price tag. Our goal is to focus on the longevity, safety and optimisation of your vehicle, so you can get the most out of your money and never compromise quality.

If you are looking for an alternative service provider for your Mercedes Benz, or were not happy with your last dealer visit, book in for a free quote today or come and see us for an honest, experienced and cost-effective Mercedes service at The Star Shop.

Excellence in Automotive
Services Since 1987

Partners Sean and Matt have over 60 years combined experience with Mercedes Benz vehicles. They have a true passion for Mercedes Benz and strive to work with customers to deliver exceptional service and build trusting relationships.

You can be assured when visiting The Star Shop that staff look forward to assisting and sharing their extensive knowledge with you and pride themselves on going above and beyond customer expectations.

Vehicle Repair Licence # MRB391
ARC License Permit # AUO4723
Dealer License # MD21376


Matthew Collins

With over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry, Matt has established a distinguished career specializing in Mercedes-Benz vehicles.
Combining extensive technical knowledge with adept business management and customer relations, Matt has consistently delivered exceptional service and fostered strong client relationships.


Sean Goodenough

Sean brings 25 years of specialized experience in the Mercedes-Benz automotive industry, with a particular focus on classic Mercedes vehicles. His deep understanding and passion for these timeless cars, combined with strong business management skills, have made him a respected expert in the field.
Throughout his career, Sean has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to preserving the heritage and excellence of classic Mercedes vehicles. His attention to detail and vast knowledge ensure that every restoration and service meets the highest standards of quality and authenticity.

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