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The new Mercedes EQA, available for order. How much does it cost?

The new Mercedes EQA is now available for order. The prices for the compact electric SUV start at 47,450 euros in Germany. That is before the governmental subvention. The first units will hit the showrooms in spring.

Mercedes-AMG One is almost ready for production

After many difficulties that Mercedes engineers did not initially estimate, the Mercedes-AMG One is about to enter series production.

175 years since the birth of an icon – Wilhelm Maybach

175 years have passed since the birth of an icon, Wilhelm Maybach. He was the man that the French designated as “King of Designers” and was to become an influencer in car design at that time. Today, the icon lives on in the Mercedes-Maybach brand.

Mercedes gave up the partnership with Renault Nissan in favor of Geely

As expected, Mercedes gave up the partnership with Renault-Nissan in favor of Geely, the main objective being cooperation for a new generation of 4-cylinder engines to be used in the future by Mercedes, Geely and Volvo.

A woman leads the heavy duty division, Mercedes-Benz Trucks

The fate of the heavy duty division is now in the hands of a woman. From now on, Karin Rådström will lead the Mercedes-Benz Trucks department.

Is it realistic to talk about a smaller Mercedes than the A-Class?

German magazine Auto Bild relaunched the rumor from two years ago that Mercedes will build a three-door model smaller than the A-Class under the code name Mercedes A City. Is this rumor realistic? Photo: Auto Bild

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